Stay informed about every step of the procurement with our Real-time Notifications

Our Real-time Notifications feature keeps you updated with instant updates and alerts regarding your orders and production status or any potential delays


Advantage of using

Real-time Notifications feature

No more waiting in the dark – with our platform, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your orders in real-time.  

Instant Updates

Receive immediate notifications about any changes or updates to your orders, ensuring you're always in the loop

Timely Alerts

Stay ahead of potential issues or delays with timely alerts, allowing you to take proactive measures to address them

Enhanced Transparency

Gain transparency into the status of your orders and production processes, enabling better decision-making and planning

Improved Communication

Facilitate better communication between stakeholders by ensuring everyone is informed promptly

Benefits that you will experience by leveraging the Real-time Communication feature

Enhance supply chain accountability with prompt notifications, fostering transparency

Stay informed with instant updates on order progress and production milestones

Facilitate seamless communication between stakeholders for quick issue resolution

Explore the future of procurement

Join us on this journey, let's revolutionize the way we do business in the world of leather

Together, we're building a brighter future for the leather industry, one procurement at a time.

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