Efficiently manage multiple orders with our Order Management feature

Manage multiple orders, streamline communication with manufacturers, minimize errors, and optimize procurement workflows with ease & Simplify your procurement process and enhance overall control 


Advantages of this feature

Order Management

Manage multiple orders at one centralized location empowering users to streamline every aspect of their orders with ease and precision.

Add Spec Sheet & Request Samples

Ability to add and edit detailed specifications for each order & request samples

Monitor Order Status

Effortlessly track order status with photos of production stages

Management Multiple Orders

Manage Multiple orders from different manufacturers at one centralised location

Chat with manufacturer

One-on-One and group chat with manufacturer

Benefits that you will experience by leveraging the Order Details feature

Enhanced accuracy and precision in order specifications, leading to reduced errors and rework

Improved communication with suppliers by providing clear and comprehensive order requirements

Streamlined order processing and fulfillment, resulting in faster turnaround times

Explore the future of procurement

Join us on this journey, let's revolutionize the way we do business in the world of leather

Together, we're building a brighter future for the leather industry, one procurement at a time.

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