Centralized location to organize store and access all order related documents with ease

Say goodbye to scattered files in email and hello to streamlined document management for enhanced efficiency and peace of mind.


Advantage of using

Documents Management feature

Say hello to enhanced productivity, streamlined processes, and peace of mind knowing that your documents are securely managed and readily available whenever you need them. 

Centralized Storage

Request and consolidate all order-related documents in one centralised location

Improved Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration by granting authorized team members access and requesting relevant documents

Efficient Organization

Easily categorize and label documents for quick retrieval, ensuring seamless access to essential information

Enhanced Compliance

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records, minimizing the risk of errors or oversights

Benefits that you will experience by leveraging the Document Management feature

Reduce errors and miscommunications in document handling

Streamline workflow for efficient procurement operations

Ensure data security and confidentiality for peace of mind

Explore the future of procurement

Join us on this journey, let's revolutionize the way we do business in the world of leather

Together, we're building a brighter future for the leather industry, one procurement at a time.

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